Matthew Clark - Gameplay and Graphics Programmer

Balloon Slam in Action
Even the parents got involved
Got the kids really active.

About Balloon Slam

Balloon Slam is a game designed to get kids active and having fun. It was created for SCOOT 2006 in Melbourne and was run successfully for the duration of the event.

The inspiration for the idea came directly from the carnival theme of Scoot. I was particularly interested in looking at unique forms of Computer Interaction, and wanted to make something addictively fun, and simple to learn. The best ideas often come from simple interactions, and thus Balloon Slam was born.

How it works.

Interaction takes place via a ball, that is thrown at a projection screen. A web camera detects the motion of the ball, and causes any balloons that it hits to pop. The more balloons popped, the higher the score.


Balloon Slam was produced by myself, with the aid of Simon Joslin.

The game mechanics were created quite easily early on, but the game needed alot of play testing and tweaking before it was able to be used.


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