Matthew Clark - Gameplay and Graphics Programmer

Title Screen
Testing the game
Collecting the prize
Watermelons and spacefood sticks
Winner: Most time spent away from computer


Melonaut was the winner of the 48hr Game Making Challenge 2008!.

Melonaut is a pick-up-and-play arcade game set on foreign planets of the Melonaut universe. Players plant and harvest watermelons on the foreign planets to collect watermelon juice that they bring to their home planets to feed to their gods? On the foreign planets, the players have to plant and harvest watermelons while fending off the native animals on each planet which often, try to steal their watermelons, ruins their harvest or attempt to steal their airship. For fun, the Melonauts play fast paced multiplayer battles by competing to collect the most watermelons on a specifically designed competition planet. Melonaut's core mechanic revolves around planting and harvesting watermelons to earn points. Harvested and processed watermelons can then be used as ammunition to stun an opponent or destroy crops.

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