Matthew Clark - Gameplay and Graphics Programmer

The board in a state of play
Prototype Installation
Early version of the map.

War Room.


War Room is a joint project undertaken by QUT students Matthew Clark, Joeseph Gatling Thomas Killen and Dean Loades.

War Room is a physical simulation of a Tactical Preperation room, as existed during the First and Second World Wars. The players interactions with the game are guided by their pre-concieved image of a Military Control Centre, drawn from movies and historical references. Interaction takes place through the movement of physical tokens on a mapped playfield on table-top. The premise is that through direct physical interaction, and feedback limited to somethimes ambiguous audio streams, the player becomes entrenched in the game through their imagination.


Interaction takes place through the physical movement of tokens on the table top. The player controls his/her units by moving the respective token to its desired location on the board. The positioning of a particular token depicts where that unit should move to. The mechanics of the game take place behind the scenes in a simulation designed to mimic real battles. The only form of direct feedback that a player will receive is via a radio. Radio updates will provide information such as sightings of enemy units, regular status updates of player controlled troops, alerts of battles and so on. It is up to the player to respond to the messages however he/she sees fit. The player will also have access to non-game markers that they can use to mark important positions on the map (such as the locations of enemy troops).


At a recent exhibition of QUT graduates, War-Room was chosen to recieve the Dean's award for Best Game.


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