Matthew Clark - Gameplay and Graphics Programmer


The Voxel Agents

In 2009, with Tom Killen and Simon Joslin, I started a small company called The Voxel Agents. Check us out.


Project Alpha

In mid 2007 I was employeed by Pandemic Studios to work on Project Alpha, an original and innovative game for the Nintendo Wii.

Our team believed strongly in agile development, specifically scrum, which focuses on collaboration. A team of 30 people quickly grew to 50+ and I worked closely on tasks with designers, artists and other programmers.

I drew from the wealth of talent and experience around me, and proved myself to be a skilled programmer.
A few specific things I worked on include:

  • Texture Pipeline for the Wii - Texture formats and DXT compression.
  • Animated Morph Targets - Optomised with SIMD and Timeslicing. Tight animation pipe integration.
  • AI - Behaviour responses and 3D obsticale avoidance.
  • Snapshot Feature - Realtime DXT compression with net upload/download and peer rating system ingame.
  • UI Solution - Full pipeline and graphics integration.
  • Full-screen Effects on the Wii - Bloom, Depth of Field, Motion Blur.



Melonaut was the winner of the 48hr Game Making Challenge 2008!.

Team Website

Sticky Geckos

Sticky Geckos was the winner of the 48hr Game Making Challenge 2007.

Team Website


Evolution is a manic top-down shooter with an evolving visual style, and unique mode of input. It's style and gameplay draws from the rich history of the students that developed it.


War Room

War Room is a table top battle game that puts the player into a WWII strategy room. War Room was successfully displayed at a recent Graduate Exhibition and QUT and won a prize for best game design.


Autism Learning Aid

Autism Learning Aid was a touch-screen prototype designed to assist in the integration of autistic children in a class-room environment.


Balloon Slam

Balloon Slam is an energetic, fun, physical game, designed for SCOOT, 2006.

Interaction with the game takes place through throwing a ball at balloons floating up a screen.


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